Faldon #1 Best Antifreeze in the Market ! GERMANY   

#1 Best Antifreeze in the Market ! GERMANY   

Safety Notice


Shop Faldon Not Properly Labeled for Methanol Risks

Hazard: The improperly filled bottles contain methanol, which vapors are harmful and may be fatal or cause blindness if swallowed. Also, the directions on the bottle for properly flushing a potable water system may not adequately remove the methanol, presenting a risk of inhalation and ingestion. The labels on improperly filled bottles do not contain methanol warnings. 

Recalled Product: Shop ProTM RV & Marine Antifreeze manufactured by Prestone Products Corporation with blue fluid in one-gallon, clear bottles and with date code FT21281 found below the back label. If your bottle is filled with pink liquid, it is properly labeled and can be used. 

Remedy: If you have used any mislabeled product in a potable water system, DO NOT DRINK WATER FROM THE SYSTEM and immediately call the toll-free number below for further instructions on how to properly flush the water system and for a full refund. 

Online at www.Faldon.com and click on Safety Notice at the bottom of the page for more information This notification is being issued in cooperation with the European Consumer Product Safety Commission.